6 unexpected things increases sexual desire

here are several things you can do to relieve the boredom couples , for example trying new sex positions . But apparently unexpected things as quoted from The Stir It also can increase sexual arousal . Listen more .

According to recent research , the age, the couple will have a happy sex life ever . Because age is identical with the confidence and strength of the relationship between a growing family .

Playing video games
Most women may complain if the spouse addicted to video games . But wait , if women also play video games , their chance to fuck even more frequent. Therefore , instead of complaining spouse habits , just follow what he’s doing .

stop drinking
Although it does not get drunk , drinking alcoholic beverages is not recommended if you want to keep the sex drive . So from now on to stop these habits in order to improve the quality of sexual life .

Watching porn
No need to fully follow what is seen from the film. Couple watching porn together enough and tried to enjoy it ( even laughing at him can too) in order to increase sex drive .

Doing household chores
A study never mentions that men and women who often do household chores tend to be more frequent sex . They are also more satisfied with their sexual life .

Other studies claim that the hot air to grip also supports a person ‘s sex drive . Because in some warm temperate countries , proved that the number of couples have sex more often are found .

Those are some unexpected things that increase sex drive . Ever tried it ?